itm are now available at MECU信用合作社 branches!


ITM代表 交互式柜员机. itm look similar to an ATM, but with one big difference -- you can speak with a MECU personal teller using live video. Our friendly remote tellers can assist with virtually any transaction you can do in person including:

  • 偿还贷款
  • 取出现金
  • Depositing checks and cash (no deposit slips needed!)

它很容易使用. Simply touch the screen to speak to a MECU personal teller. Enjoy enhanced convenience and greater privacy. 观看本期视频了解更多信息. 



An ITM is an 交互式柜员机. itm allow you to speak with MECU tellers through two-way live video. You get the same great 服务 from our tellers in a simpler, more secure way.
成员s simply touch the screen to get started and one of our tellers will appear onscreen. After that, your teller will guide you through your transaction. 就这么简单!
Most in-person teller transactions can be done at an ITM, 包括现金和支票存款, 现金提款, loan and mortgage payments and transfers.

成员 Service Representatives are ready to help you with transactions that aren’t done on the ITM such as account opening, 贷款申请, 本票/汇票, 信用卡/借记卡预支现金, 硬币分配.
星期五8:30- 6:00
No, deposit slips are not needed with ITM transactions.
We always want to provide our members with enhanced convenience and personalized 服务 while leveraging the latest technology. Our itm allow us to serve you more efficiently.
绝对! 即使是itm, there will always be MECU employees in our branches during our lobby hours to help you. Whether you need assistance with your transaction, opening an account or applying for a loan, 成员 Service Representatives will be happy to help.
No, 当您使用MECU ITM时, you are served by one of our MECU employees working remotely from a centralized location in 巴尔的摩 City. There are still 成员 Service Representatives and tellers in the branch ready to assist you when needed.
No. itm can do many more types of transactions than 自动取款机. MECU still has 自动取款机 available to do transactions, like withdrawing cash, or making a deposit. The itm are ideal for transactions that require a personal teller.
Interactive Teller technology is available at our: 
  We will continue to update this page and let you know when itm will be available at a branch or drive-thru near you!
We have a team of remote tellers assisting members, so you may not always speak to the same teller. Instead, the next available teller will be able to assist you.